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A deep dive into depth

Depth and thickness may sound trivial, but 'the devil is in the detail'. There are many variants and nuances when talking about depth and thickness in oil and gas drilling.

There can be lots of confusing acronyms - we explain the difference between TST, TVT, AVT, TVD, MD, TD, RKB, BRT & more. The acronyms stand for True Stratigraphic Thickness, True Vertical Thickness, Apparent Vertical Thickness, True Vertical Depth, Measured Depth/Drillers Depth, Total Depth, Relative to Kelly Bushing and Below Rotary Table - the video explains this and what they all mean.

This video is intended for use in education. If you work as a lecturer and are teaching students about depths and thicknesses in drilling - please feel free to use this video. Get in touch using the email address below if you would like to find out more about collaborations we have with universities.

Get in touch today to find out more about our TROVE databases - we'd be happy to arrange a demo:


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