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What is TROVE?

- TROVE is a KnowledgeBase containing in-depth data on oil and gas fields and discoveries globally.

- Data provided includes: Reservoir Depths, Reservoir Age, Lithology, Porosity, Permeability, Fluid Properties (API, GOR, Gas Gravity etc), Pressure, Temperature, STOIIP & GIIP, Recoverable Reserves, Development Scheme, Discovery Well, Licence, Block, Operator, Water Depth, Location data.

- Global offshore coverage.

- In-built analysis tools.

- GIS compatible.


- Built by subject matter specialists with decades of experience in the oil & gas industry.

How can TROVE help me?

- Time saving

How much time do you and your team spend searching for data? TROVE has all open source data in one place, standardised and accessible at the click of a button.

- Cost saving

Cut out the need to spend person-weeks searching for the data - all at a reasonable price.

- Decision making

Make better decisions informed by quality data

How is it different to other oil and gas databases?

- Audit trail

TROVE is not just a database with numbers in a table, subscribers can assess the validity of data with an audit trail showing the provenance of the data.


- Accessibility & usability

TROVE is delivered in excel format, unlike other databases which require specialised programs and designated training. TROVE is the most accessible and usable product of its type.

- Data beyond the spreadsheet

Not all data fits into rows and columns of a spreadsheet. TROVE delivers unstructured data, such as maps, cross sections, logs, seismic lines, infrastructure diagrams and more.

- Cost

Unlike many of our competitors, TROVE doesn't cost the world - a rough guide to pricing can be found below, get in touch for a specific quote.

How does subscription work?

- Initial subscription (typically £5,000 - £31,000)

30% maintenance fee annually thereafter

- Quarterly updates, training and customer care included

- Discount on consultancy services

- Discount for multiple purchases

Want to find out more?

- Visit our YouTube channel where you will find videos of TROVE in action:

- Take a look at our flyers for each of our KnowledgeBases here.

- Get in touch today via email:

- Arrange a demo here: 

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