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What is TROVE?

TROVE is an extensive database containing in-depth data on oil and gas fields and discoveries globally.

TROVE KnowledgeBases boast global offshore coverage and in-built
analysis tools whilst being completely GIS compatible. 

With over 27,000 oil and gas assets globally, you'll struggle to find a more comprehensive geotechnical database on the market!

Subscribers can access a wealth of data on:

Reservoir Depths 

Reservoir Age




Water Depth

Fluid Properties (API, GOR, Gas Gravity etc)


Recoverable Reserves 
Development Scheme

Discovery Well

Location data

and much more...

What is Trove

How can TROVE help me?


How much time do you and your team spend searching for data?

TROVE has open-source data readily available in one place, standardised and accessible at the click of a button. 

Hosted in Excel, you don't need to spend time and money learning to use a brand new platform.

Decision Making

Make better decisions informed by quality data.

TROVE includes an audit trail for every field, discovery and prospect alongside extensive standardised data. 

This gives our subscribers the confidence to make better decisions for their business.


Cut out the cost of spending person-weeks searching for the data you need.

Subscribers can operate more efficiently when accessing all data in one, easy to use location, thanks to TROVE KnowledgeBases.

Image by Clyde Thomas
How can TROVE help me?

Video by Pressmaster from Pexels

How is TROVE different to other oil and gas databases?

Audit Trail

TROVE is more than just a database with numbers in a table. Subscribers can assess the validity of data with an audit trail showing the provenance of the data and a link to the source.

Accessibility & usability

TROVE is delivered in Excel format. Unlike other databases which require specialised programs and designated training, TROVE is the most accessible and usable product of its type.

Data beyond the spreadsheet

Not all data fits into rows and columns of a spreadsheet. In addition to the data table,
TROVE delivers unstructured data, such as
maps, cross-sections, logs, seismic lines, infrastructure diagrams and more. 


Unlike many of our competitors, TROVE doesn't cost the world - a rough guide to pricing can be found below, get in touch for a specific quote.

How is TROVE different?

How does subscription work? 

Annual subscription per region (typically £5,000 - £31,000)

Get in touch for details about TROVE Global or regional roll-ups of our data.

Discount for multiple purchases

Quarterly updates, training and customer care included

Discount on consultancy services

Find out more:

Email today with any questions via

Watch videos of TROVE in action on our YouTube channel

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TROVE Data Table
How does subscription work?
Find out more

TROVE Renewables

We also have extensive information from the Renewables sector.

TROVE Renewables Logo Transparant.png

TROVE Renewables provides you with data on a range of renewable energy schemes around the world, including information on:

  • CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Storage)

  • Hydrogen

  • Wind power

  • Geothermal

  • Wave & Tidal power

  • Energy Storage

  • Gas Storage

Visit the dedicated TROVE Renewables website here.

TROVE Renewables
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