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Recent projects:

- UK 33rd round licence application (results to be announced)

- Successful licence round application (UK 32nd Round)

- Unsanctioned discovery feasibility study

- Zechstein Carbonate reservoir study (Europe-wide)

- Relinquishment support

- Special Interest Group facilitation (multiple oil company operators)

Find out more about the Outer Moray Firth SIG here!

- Hub Analysis Reports

1st Subsurface is a multidisciplinary consultancy, specialising in subsurface oilfield management, exploration and asset strategy. 


We work not only with licensees, but with a wide range of stakeholders to analyse, identify and execute opportunities to maximise economic recovery and mitigate risk.  This covers the full life cycle - from exploration to late life and cessation of production issues, along with supply chain opportunities.


Using our in-house expertise and powerful TROVE KnowledgeBases we add substantial value to E&P and M&A activities. Additionally, we can offer consultancy on issues relating to the energy transition.


For North West Europe (other areas in development) we offer bespoke Hub Analysis Reports. Providing an independent analysis of field historical production and remaining reserves forecasting along with powerful visualisation of the surrounding undeveloped potential for the area of interest.


We also perform basin wide analogue studies on a bespoke basis, all available within a matter of weeks thanks to TROVE.


With experienced associates, our passion and dedication is to maximise economic hydrocarbon reserves. Working with us, you will find we are pragmatic, cost-effective and stay true to our technical roots.

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Examples of our past consulting work includes:

  • Licence Round applications

  • Report on every UK unsanctioned discovery fitting with client defined characteristics

  • Hub Analysis reports

  • Relinquishment Support (inc. report writing).

  • Strategic Area Plan facilitation

  • Volumetric estimation

  • Prospect generation

  • Risking & uncertainty

  • Portfolio management

  • Analogue identification & analysis

  • Seismic interpretation

  • Infill drilling & work-over justification

  • "Final 24 Months" - End of field life strategy

Our Clients include Super Majors, Majors, Mid-caps and Small-caps.

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"1st Subsurface bring a refreshing overview and insight to the critical issues in productive basins which larger companies tend to work in departmental silos." 

Chevron Manager, Aberdeen.


"1st Subsurface offer management, employees and best-in-class associates, functioning as a team to undertake high quality assessment of late life mature assets."


Operator, Central North Sea.

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