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Exploring with TROVE

Maurice Bamford, former Exploration Manager with EnQuest and Talisman (now Repsol-Sinopec) leads the Exploration Team at 1st Subsurface. Here, Maurice describes some of the power and functionality with the TROVE exploration databases:

Subscribers to TROVE exploration databases can find more prospect specific data "at the click of a button" than in any other database product on the market. The power of TROVE exploration databases is further enhanced by operators sending farmout flyers, additional released data for inclusion in the database.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 10.50.34.png

Extensive Database

  • All prospects and leads in public domain captured

  • Relinquishment reports, Farm-down flyers, company websites, CPRs

  • Audit trail seen as key

Audit Trail

  • Relevant parts of documents captured

  • Labelling added to help with inconsistencies, typos etc from original document

Extract Structured Prospect & Lead Data

  • Original data is presented in varying formats

  • Extract data in consistent format


  • Compare two different evaluations side by side

  • Compare two prospects or leads

Display Data on Map

  • Display Prospect & Lead data as proportional bubbles

  • Filter data on, for example, stratigraphy,  trap type or phase

Label Data on Map

  • Label Prospects and Leads

  • Add name and varying data options


  • Plot varying data from Prospects & Leads datbase

  • Identify Prospect of interest

  • Label data points

  • Filter data on, for example, stratigraphy, trap type, or phase

Sense Check Inputs

  • Use Field and Unsanctioned discovery database to sense check volumetric input ranges

  • For certain variables, such as average porosity, best used in combination with local well analysis

Rapidly filter whole dataset

  • Use dashboards to filter the whole dataset 

  • Get a quick overview of basinwide trends

data table.png
white rose.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 12.33.21.png
Bubble map.png
label map.png
Screenshot 2020-03-30 at 11.47.37.png
poro v depth plot.png

Full resolution on subscription

Picture 1.png
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