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We are a multidisciplinary energy consultancy providing data, analytical tools and consultancy services to clients around the world.  Our unique TROVE KnowledgeBases provide unrivalled insight into Oil & Gas.


Clients have the option to:

  • Subscribe to TROVE KnowledgeBases for regions and sectors they are interested in.

Find out more about our TROVE KnowledgeBases here

  • Commission bespoke reports that utilise the experience of our associates, the power of TROVE KnowledgeBases and our in-house analytical tools.

Find out more about our Hub Analysis reports here

  • Work with our experienced consultants on projects such as licence applications, late life field management and more.

Find out more about our Consultancy Services here

Our Story

TROVE was created as a solution to problems exploration managers commonly face when searching for data:

  • Where is the data?

  • Can I trust the data?

  • Why is the data not standardised?

  • Why is the data not all in one place?

After identifying these as issues, we looked at the currently available databases but they could not provide answers to all of the questions. So we decided to make our own - TROVE - a database pulling all open source data (both structured and un-structured) together into a single location and standardising it with an audit trail. 

At first, TROVE only covered the Outer Moray Firth, but now contains information from over 100 countries. Person-decades have been put into building TROVE databases.

Our Hub Analysis Toolkit has allowed us to unlock the power of these TROVE databases and provides an unparalleled addition to our consultancy arsenal.

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