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TROVE Hub Analysis

Production Forecasting & Area Analysis Toolkit

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Comprehensive, bespoke reports in three easy steps:

Step 1: Select a location anywhere in NW Europe.

Your location can be onshore, offshore, existing hub, potential new hub, prospect - any latitude & longitude across NW Europe

Step 2: Tailor your report.

Provide us with your key interests: Fluid type, pressure regime, specific reservoir age, specific trap type etc. Let us know if you are particularly interested in (e.g.) operator, ullage, only contingent resources (not prospective reserves).

Step 3: Receive your bespoke report within 10 working days.

We will work with you to agree on a time frame for you to receive a draft copy before finalising your report.


Our Hub Analysis Toolkit - instant production and area potential understanding for any North Sea area

Production Analysis

  • Estimate technical Cessation of Production, Ultimate Recoverable Reserves, Remaining Reserves & Recovery Factor

  • Visualise production profiles and forecasts for individual fields and production hubs

  • Insight to potential production constraints and ullage from life-of-field production data

Regional Understanding

Production Analysis
Gannet Hub
  • Compare hub reservoir and hydrocarbon properties with the entire basin

  • Visualise area infrastructure and current equity holder positions

Area Analysis

  • Visualise contingent & prospective resource potential for existing or emergent hubs

  • Characteries discoveries and prospects by size, fluid properties & distance from the hub

Hub Analysis

Comprehensive Technical Reports

Hub Analysis Reports

Our clients are already using TROVE Hub Analysis for:

  • Strategic hub planning

  • Licence round applications

  • Assessing A&D opportunities

  • Farmout brochures 

  • Relinquishment support

  • Stewardship reporting

  • 3rd party infrastructure analysis (pipelines/terminals)

A Hub Analysis report walk through:

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