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Special Interest Group 

Our experienced consultants can work as independent facilitators between groups of companies looking to Maximise Economic Recovery in a given area. As part of this service we offer use of TROVE KnowledgeBases and provide our own analysis to help assess prospectivity of the area.

Special Interest Groups are the best way to develop fields in basins where there are numerous licence holders in a small area. It allows 'higher hanging fruit' to be developed as part of a collaborative effort to Maximise Economic Recovery. These are projects that may never be developed on their own but offer an exciting opportunity in conjunction with other opportunities.

Take a look at our DEVEX2020 presentation for an idea of why a collaborative approach is crucial in order to Maximise Economic Recovery.

A proven track record - OMFSIG


We were retained by a range of licensees to facilitate the OMFSIG (Outer Moray Firth Special Interest Group)- the aim of which was to generate a basin wide Area Plan to identify and explore options and strategies to Maximise Economic Recovery in the Basin.

Unlike most basins worldwide, the Outer Moray Firth Basin has 'reinvented itself'. There are three peaks in the production profile and 1st Subsurface has presented at several conferences why this has happened. In short - new exploration concepts have unlocked new reserves. 

OMFSIG members in Phase 1:

Repsol Sinpoec.jpg
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