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TROVE Views - your 16th December energy round-up

In the first of our TROVE Views series, we cover the North Sea and Africa. With your round-up of energy news, we hope you find all you need to stay up to date!

Lots covered in just over 10 minutes: North Eigg (Serica), Norwegian Relinquishment Reports, Pensacola (Deltic & Shell), Devil's Hole Horst (NSNR), Abigail (Ithaca), Penguin & Rockhopper (Shell), Rosebank, Cambo & Clair (BP, Ithaca, Equinor), Venus (TotalEnergies), Graff (Shell), Recon Africa, Coral Sul (Eni), Mnazi Bay (Wentworth/Maurel & Prom).

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