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Pensacola Test Results & Zechstein Source Rocks

Shell, with partners Deltic Energy & ONE-Dyas, have reportedly encountered gas at their much anticipated Pensacola well (41/5a-2). Testing results were announced in early February. The well was drilled with the Maersk Reliant jack-up drilling rig.

Test results showed gas at good rates along with minor light oil.

The key now is to appraise this discovery and confirm the volume and deliverability. We wish Shell & partners ever success in their continued exploration of this region!

This well, along with the Ossian well, extends the SNS play towards the Mid North Sea High and could lead to a re-evaluation of the Zechstein carbonate play. The Plattendolomite & Hauptdolomite reservoirs are productive in the adjacent Cleveland Basin.

We also take a look at an interesting study by APT on Zechstein source rocks of the region. There has been a lot of circumstantial evidence for a Zechstein rock, but now APT's study sheds more light on the Zechstein's oil and gas generating potential.

All of the information in this video can be found in our TROVE SNS database - a 'must-have' for E&P companies exploring and developing in this region.

Get in touch today to find out more about our TROVE databases - we'd be happy to arrange a demo:

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