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Pensacola Gas Discovery UK SNS (41/5a-2)

Shell, with partners Deltic Energy & ONE-Dyas, have reportedly encountered gas at their much anticipated Pensacola well (41/5a-2). Testing is due to commence and we expect results in February. The well is being drilled with the Maersk Reliant jack-up drilling rig.

This well, along with the Ossian well, extends the SNS play towards the Mid North Sea High and could lead to a re-evaluation of the Zechstein carbonate play. The Plattendolomite & Hauptdolomite reservoirs are productive in the adjacent Cleveland Basin.

All of the information in this video can be found in our TROVE SNS database - a 'must-have' for E&P companies exploring and developing in this region.

Get in touch today to find out more about our TROVE databases - we'd be happy to arrange a demo:


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