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Shell to Sell? $1billion of UK Southern North Sea gasfields for sale

Reuters have reported that Shell are planning to sell $1 billion of UK Southern North Sea gasfields. This is likely to include their Clipper and Leman Alpha assets. Here we take a quick look at some of their SNS assets in TROVE.

In the latest edition of TROVE News, we give a short, live demo of TROVE UK SNS and show some of the data we already hold on these fields.

It will be interesting to see how this large sale will unfold.


TROVE UK SNS is the ideal tool to assess these assets and the surrounding potential. We are also able to conduct a hub analysis and produce a bespoke report detailing field performance, production forecasting and any surrounding undeveloped potential (both unsanctioned discoveries and prospects.


Want to know more about any of these assets?

Get in touch for a demo of TROVE SNS or Hub Analysis!

In other Shell news, we'll soon be releasing a video on their highly anticipated Edinburgh exploration well in the UK Central North Sea. Keep an eye out for that in the coming days!


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