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Offshore Wind - An introduction

In 2021 we conducted a series of 4 webinars focussing on the renewables sector. In the second of these we look at the global status of offshore wind power, focusing on case studies and looking to the future.

Wind power is the most widespread technology for renewable power generation with around 750 GW of installed wind power capacity globally.

In this 45 minute webinar we look at the current global status of Wind Power. We delve into some of the interesting trends and pick out a few of the key projects.

The slide pack and answers to all questions asked during the webinar are available on our website (

All of the information we use in this webinar is available in TROVE Wind, so for the final 10 minutes we introduce the power of this extensive KnowledgeBase - see the ease of use and huge capabilities TROVE Wind provides!

If you have any questions about the presentation or the TROVE Offshore Wind KnowledgeBase used to prepare the presentation, get in touch at

We'd be happy to arrange a full demo or discuss subscription models.

As these webinars were recorded in May 2021, some of the material may now be out of date.

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