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New Aussie Oil Find? Results Imminent

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

UPDATE: Pavo-1 has now been announced as a significant discovery!

With positive signs of a potential discovery, could the Pavo-1 well extend the oil play fairway in Western Australia?

Santos, along with partners Carnarvon Energy, are currently drilling the Pavo-1 exploration well, part of a 2 well drilling program which will also see Apus-1 drilled using the Noble Tom Prosser drilling rig.

If these 2 wells discover commercial volumes of oil, it would extend the play fairway towards the south-wast from the previously discovered Dorado, Roc, Phoenix & Phoenix South discoveries.

It has been known there is hydrocarbons in the Bedout Sub-basin since BP discovered Phoenix in 1980. Since then Apache & Quadrant have both made further discoveries.

With Dorado expected to go to development soon, and with numerous undrilled prospects in the area, discoveries at Pavo & Apus could spark significant renewed interest in the region.

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