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More Discoveries in the World's Most Exciting Basin!

Yet more discoveries have been made in this hugely exciting part of the world - we make it 7 discoveries so far this year with 11 more exploration wells to come in 2022.

Since our last video, Lukanani, Patwa, Barreleye, Fangtooth & Lau Lau have been discovered by ExxonMobil, Hess & CNOOC in the Stabroek block. Appraisal drilling at Tilapia (Noble Sam Croft), Liza Payara (Phase III), Wei-1 & Zanderij drilling, Yellowtail development, licence rounds and more! This is a very busy area!

In such an exploration hotspot it can be easy to miss out on news, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to guarantee you won't miss out on our next update.

All of the information in this video came from TROVE Latin America North which contains details of all offshore oil and gas fields and discoveries from Trinidad & Tobago, Suriname, Guyana and French Guiana. With information on over 400 assets, this is the most comprehensive technical subsurface database for the region. We have several other TROVE databases ensuring complete offshore coverage of the American continent, along with the conjugate margin (entirety of West Africa).

See our coverage map here:

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