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Isle of Man Independence - Crogga Gas Discovery

In this video, we're taking a look at the Crogga Gas Discovery in the Irish Sea. Drilled in 1982 by BP, there is now a company looking to appraise Independence (formerly Crogga), with the hope of developing it. Success could bring energy independence to the Isle of Man and fund the energy transition. Failure comes at a cost of £32 million.

The biggest risk with the Crogga prospect is the porosity/permeability characteristics of the Collyhurst Sandstone reservoir. Low poroperm in the discovery well and a failure to flow on test mean reservoir deliverability is yet to be proven. That said, low poroperm fields have produced in the UK Southern North Sea and the company hopes to find more favourable reservoir conditions further from faults.

We wish the operator well in their search for investment. We hold no ties to the operator, hold no shares and have no obligation to any stakeholder. This video is not sponsored.

All of the information in this video can be found in our TROVE Irish Sea database. This impressive product is a 'must have' for E&P companies interested in this region.

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