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Ireland's Looming Energy Crisis

The media has reported recently of a looming energy crisis in Ireland. We take a look at Ireland's energy mix, the role of oil and gas, the future of oil and gas on the Emerald Isle and the potential for energy shortage.

Policy over recent years has seen oil and gas companies turn away from an unfavourable environment in Ireland - has this harmed Ireland's energy security and is it too late for domestic oil and gas to continue to provide significantly for Ireland?

We also provide an overview of key oil and gas projects, present and future(?), including Corrib, Barryroe and Kinsale.

All of the information about these Oil and Gas Fields, Discoveries & Prospects can be found in our TROVE Atlantic Margin database. This impressive product is a 'must have' for companies exploring from Ireland to the Faroes and UK West of Shetland.

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