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How Oilfields Work - Source Rocks of the World

How can you come up with the top 10 Source Rocks of the world? That is a question Finding Petroleum posed in a recent webinar. We were asked to present - this video is our section of the webinar.

We introduce what a source rock is before detailing where source rocks might be being formed today (present-day anoxic basins). Going back through geological time, we show which ages were most significant for source rock generation and look at where source rocks are located globally.

We also show that perceived wisdom is sometimes misplaced - Namibia was for many years believed to not have suitable source rocks as it was south of the Walvis Ridge and exposed to open ocean, oxic conditions. With the discovery of Venus and Graff, this long-held belief has been disproven. Where else might we find 'yet-to-be-discovered' source rocks?

We finish off by trying to justify how you could rank different source rocks and presenting a proposed list of the best in the world. Tell us what you think. Do you agree?

Qusaiba & Qalibah, Bazhenov Fmn, ACT, Canje Fmn, La Luna, Eagleford, Marcellus, Barnet, Haynesville etc, Kimmeridge Clay, Shublik - what are we missing??

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All of the information in this video can be found in our TROVE Geochemistry database. This impressive product compiles source rock information from around the globe.

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