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CCUS - What's happening & where next?

In 2021 we conducted a series of 4 webinars focussing on the renewables sector. In the first of these we take a look at Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Storage.

From commercial projects in the USA to proposed European schemes, we comprehensively cover the CCUS sector before demonstrating our source of all of this information - TROVE CCUS.

TROVE CCUS details over 400 CCUS projects globally, from commercial project to R&D and terminated projects. TROVE CCUS offers a wealth of information at your fingertips! Please get in touch at to arrange a free demonstration of TROVE CCUS.

For an update on the UK's recent Carbon Storage licence round check out this video:

As these webinars were recorded in May 2021, some of the material may now be out of date.


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