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Andrew and Shearwater - 80 million barrels for $1 per barrel??

BP's assets are back on the market. Our independent remaining reserves valuation and hub analysis will set you apart from competitors with an in-depth analysis of every E&P opportunity around these assets.

BP have re-launched the sale process for the Andrew Area (incl. Andrew, Arundel, Cyrus, Farragon & Kinnoull) and Shearwater Field in the UK North Sea. The news follows the announcement that Premier Oil's deal to buy the assets fell through in October last year. Premier estimated there are 82 mmboe reserves and contingent resources in the package. From an initial $625 million offer, it went down to $210 million. Some analysts now predict a final price closer to $80 million. Is there a bargain to be had? At ~$1 per barrel, what’s not to like? Our TROVE Hub Analysis of both the BP package gives a holistic view of remaining reserves, all potential tiebacks and all known prospects within 50km of each hub. Find out more about TROVE Hub Analysis here. With all the data already loaded into huge databases, we screen & evaluate portfolios in hours and days, rather than weeks and months.

Get in touch today for a demonstration. TROVE KnowledgeBases & Hub Analysis Toolkit are the most powerful tools in any company’s A&D arsenal. Please contact:


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