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North America

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The offshore oil and gas fields & discoveries of Labrador, Newfoundland & Nova Scotia (Canada) are collated together, along with wells from the USA, Greenland and The Bahamas in TROVE Atlantic North America. Whilst our research team commend the Canadian authorities for a comprehensive online resource, now these data are incorporated in the TROVE environment the true power of a structured relational database is unleashed. There are numerous pre-prepared graphs to analyse the data. Analogues from as far afield as Scotian Shelf, Jeanne d'Arc/Flemish Pass areas and the north coast of Cuba can be compared with a few mouse clicks. Data from the relevant State authorities is supplemented by open-source data. Research is continually being undertaken and there are quarterly updates for subscribers. The Atlantic North America database compliments the UK, Faroe, Ireland and West Africa databases once the small matter of plate tectonic palaeo-reconstruction is considered! Together this is the most comprehensive technical subsurface database in the North Atlantic.

TROVE Atlantic North America
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Atlantic North America
Gulf of Mexico
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TROVE Gulf of Mexico

One of the most recent and most exciting additions to the TROVE arsenal is the Gulf of Mexico database. The GoM database contains information on all of the deep water assets in the US sector of this prolific region. With over 400 assets, Gulf of Mexico has quickly become one of our most extensive databases in the TROVE arsenal.

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TROVE Mexico

Containing information on fields and discoveries from onshore Mexico, through the Gulf of Mexico and into the Caribbean. This database is a must have tool for companies exploring in a region that is seeing ever increasing interest.

Central America & Caribbean
TROVE Central America & Caribbean

Currently in development, our Central American & Caribbean database contains data on all fields within the Caribbean. For further information about this database please contact

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