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Denmark & Germany

Denmark and Germany

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TROVE Denmark
TROVE Germany

In keeping with the 1st Subsurface philosophy of 'borderless basins', the Baltic assets and the 20 field accumulations and discoveries in Germany (such as Mittelplate and A6/B4) are incorporated within the same TROVE database as Denmark. Over 80 fields and discoveries are characterised in the Danish Sector. Denmark is a lot more than Cretaceous Chalk - and TROVE Denmark is a rapid way to understand the diversity and opportunity within the sector.



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TROVE Netherlands

The TROVE Netherlands database features all Offshore fields & discoveries along with some of the most relevant onshore fields (e.g the super-giant Groningen gas field). To date over 300 fields and discoveries have been characterised and collated. It is said you can't understand the UK SNS Gas Basin without understanding the Dutch sector assets. TROVE databases make this an efficient and fast analysis. We also contain information on prospects such as those found in the GEms and 4Quads Licence Blocks.

11a-B North 11b A11 Leads A12-FA A15-A A18-FA Ameland-Noord B10-FA B13-FA B16-FA B17 B18-FA Bergen D12-A D12-Andalusite D12-Ilmenite D12-Noord D12-Sillimanite D15-Tourmaline D15a-A D15a-A104 D18a-A E11-Vincent E12-Lelie E12-Tulp East E13-Epidoot E17a E18-A F02-Hanze F02a-Pliocene F03-FA F03-FB F03-FC F04-F05-P1 F06-02 F06b F14-FA F15a-A F15a-B F16-E F16-P F17-12 F17-Brigantijn F17-FC F17-Korvet F18-Fregat G14-A&B G14-C G14-FD G16a-A G16a-B G16a-C G16a-D G17a-S1 G17cd-A Groningen J03-C Unit J06-Markham J09-FA K01-A Unit K01-FA K02b-A K04-A K04-E K04-N K04a-B K04a-D K04a-Z K05-C North K05-C Unit K05-F K05-G K05-U K05a-A K05a-B K05a-D K05a-Es K06-A K06-B K06-C K06-D K06-DN K06-G K06-N K06-T K07-8 K07-FA K07-FB K07-FC K07-FD K07-FE K08-FA K08-FB K08-FC K08-FD K08-FE K08-FF K09ab-A K09ab-B K09ab-C K09ab-D K09c-A K09c-B K10-B (gas) K10-B-Oil K10-C K10-V K11-FA K11-FB K11-FC K12-A K12-B K12-B9 K12-C K12-D K12-E K12-G K12-H (K12-S2 & K12-D5) K12-K K12-L K12-M K12-S1 K12-S3 K13-A K13-B K13-CF K13-DE K14-12 K14-FA K14-FB K14-FC K15-FA K15-FB K15-FC K15-FD K15-FE K15-FF K15-FG K15-FH K15-FI K15-FJ K15-FK K15-FL K15-FM K15-FN K15-FO K15-FP K15-FQ K16-5 K17-FA K17-FB K17-Zechstein K18-FB K18-Golf K18-Kotter K18-Sigma K6-GT4 L01-A L01-FB L02-FA L02-FB L02-FC L04-A L04-B L04-D L04-F L04-G L04-I L05-B L05-C L05a-A L05a-D L05a-E L05b-A L06-B L06-FA L07-A L07-B L07-C L07-D L07-F L07-G L07-H L07-H South-East L07-N L08-A L08-A-West L08-D L08-G L08-H L08-I L08-P L08-P4 L09-FA L09-FB L09-FC L09-FD L09-FE L09-FF L09-FG L09-FH L09-FI L09-FJ L09-FK L09-FL L09-FM L10-19 L10-6 L10-CDA L10-G L10-K L10-M L10-N L10-O L10-P L10-S1 L10-S2 L10-S3 L10-S4 L10-Ziegler  L11-1 L11-7 L11-Gillian L11-Lark L11a L12-FA L12-FD L12a-B L12b-C L13-FA L13-FB L13-FC L13-FD L13-FE L13-FF L13-FG L13-FH L13-FI L13-FJ L13-FK L14-FA L14-FB L15b-A L16-Alpha L16-Bravo L16-FA L16-Logger L5 M01-A M07-A M07-B M09-FA M09-FB M10-FA M11-FA N07-FA N07c P/8-Field P01-FA P01-FB P02-5 P02-Delta P02-E P02-NE P02-SE P03-2-S1 P03-3 P06-D P06-Main P06-Northwest P06-South P08-A Horizon-West P09-A P09-B P09-Horizon P10-Van Brakel P11-12 P11a-E P11b-09 P11b-De Ruyter P11b-Van Ghent P11b-Van Ghent East P11b-Van Nes P12-3 P12-C P12-F (P12-14) P12-SW P12-West (P12-3) P14-A P15-09 P15-10 P15-11 P15-12 P15-13 P15-14 P15-15 P15-16 P15-17 P15-Rijn P18-2 P18-4 P18-6 P18-7 Prospects (General) Q01-B Q01-D Q01-Halfweg Q01-Haven Q01-Helder Q01-Helm Q01-Hoorn Q01-Northwest Q02-A Q04-A Q04-B Q05-A Q07-FA Q07-FC Q08-A Q08-B Q10-A Q13-FB Q13-FC Q13a-Amstel Q14-03 Q16-FA Q16-Kijkduin Q16-Maas Q1a-A Ruby Snellius

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