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West Africa

TROVE North West Africa

The Atlantic coast of Africa is covered by three TROVE databases, the North West Africa database covers Morocco to Liberia. These databases compliment their Atlantic Americas equivalents and provide an exciting addition to the TROVE portfolio. Cooperation from relevant government officials has helped to make these databases a must have for companies operating in the region.

TROVE Central West Africa

TROVE Central West Africa covers Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Benin, Togo and deep-water Nigeria. This database compliments the Atlantic Americas equivalent and provides an exciting addition to the TROVE portfolio. TROVE Central West Africa contains prolific fields such as the Jubilee and TEN developments within the exciting Tano Basin.

TROVE South West Africa

The third of the West African databases, TROVE South West Africa covers the offshore areas between Equatorial Guinea and South Africa. 


East Africa

TROVE East Africa

To go with our West African databases we have also created TROVE East Africa, covering the offshore areas of the countries of Africa's Eastern coast: from South Africa in the South up to Somalia in the North (including Madagascar). TROVE East Africa was released at the Africa E&P conference 2019. 


North Africa

Our North African coverage includes Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. Egypt is included in our TROVE Eastern Mediterranean database along with Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Palestine. TROVE Western Mediterranean contains all other Mediterranean countries, from the Adriatic to Spain and Algeria. 

1st Subsurface are also seeking pre-commitments to develop TROVE plus for North Africa, this will contain over 550 discoveries from Algeria.


Onshore Africa

TROVE Onshore Africa

Currently in development, our TROVE Onshore Africa database focusses on Africa's rift valley (with supplementary coverage across onshore Africa). Assets are included from countries including Chad, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya (and more). Further details of the release of this database will be published in due course. Contact us to request more information about the upcoming release of TROVE Onshore Africa.

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