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Product Launch : the power of TROVE unleashed with two new tools

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

1st Subsurface is launching two powerful tools at PROSPEX 2019. TROVE Hub Analysis and TROVE Production Analysis enable strategic planning for every producing field, undeveloped discovery, field reactivation & prospect on the UKCS.

UK TROVE databases contain detailed information on over 500 fields, 400 discoveries and 2,400 prospects & leads. All opportunities can be compared and ranked using the new analytical tools.

TROVE Hub Analysis utilises the vast open source TROVE databases compiled over decades.

The resultant hub report summarises Contingent and Prospective resources in the hub catchment area. For any location, the size, fluid composition, distance & direction of discoveries & prospects are calculated. This allows the optimisation of hub locations and an overview of the potential upside in the region. This creates value for both sellers & buyers of existing and emergent assets.

The maps & charts at right illustrate opportunities in the Gannet A vicinity. Numerous undeveloped discoveries (orange) and prospects (red) are shown within a 40km radius.

TROVE Production Analysis presents the life-of-field production performance for all UKCS oil & gas fields. For these fields, remaining reserves, ultimate recovery and CoP timing are calculated.

TROVE Production Analysis is an invaluable tool for both sellers, buyers, asset managers & project developers.

These new tools provide an unrivalled insight into all UKCS oil and gas assets. In Q1 2020, this capability will be extended to the entirety of offshore North West Europe.

Email for further information.

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Dec 10, 2019

These major new tools add power for asset managers, sellers, buyers and project managers. Take a look at how these tools will help inform your investment decisions and your E&P strategy. One of the best "disruptive" technologies which should revolutionise the way new and existing hub developments are assessed and characterised.

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