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Around the World in 80 TROVEs

Whilst we may not have 80 TROVE KnowledgeBases, we do now have complete global offshore coverage!

With the addition of areas including Australia, Indonesia and the Gulf of Suez, TROVE now has complete global offshore coverage.

We've also added to our onshore coverage. In collaboration with the University of Aberdeen, we now have complete coverage of the Southern Permian Basin - from the Irish Sea through to Onshore Poland. Onshore Italy, Turkey, Japan and Indonesia have also been added to the TROVE portfolio.

These additions mean we now have data on well over 50% of global reserves and make TROVE the go-to data source for oil and gas technical subsurface data globally!

If you want to find out more about our products, get in touch and we will arrange for one of our team to demo at a convenient time for you!

Don't forget our sister company, TROVE Renewables, has data coverage for a huge number of renewable energy projects, including geothermal, CCS, wind and more! Find out more on their website:

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