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The latest addition to the family - TROVE LNG

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

LNG is a fast-growing industry, expecting to peak in 2033. TROVE LNG is our latest database, created to provide global analysis of the industry. Within the extensive database there is detailed information about LNG terminals, carriers, companies involved and much more.

TROVE LNG features in-depth analyses of import, export, FSRU and FLNG facilities globally – highlighting terminal capacity, throughput, operators and buyers – helping identify global trends and plan for future LNG market developments. In addition to this, the data has an audit trail, allowing users to assess the provenance and reliability of the input data. Subscribers can use in-built analysis tools in TROVE LNG to gain a broad overview or research individual plant detail to gain an in-depth understanding of how plants compare with the entire LNG market.

TROVE LNG contains information on every LNG import and export terminal around the globe (~250).

Incorporating thousands of research articles and reviews, TROVE LNG offers a depth of detail unavailable elsewhere. Contact for further details or to book an online demonstration.


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