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Guyana/Suriname - Kawa abandonment explained & regional Source Rock

Following on from the announcement of the Kawa-1 discovery, CGX announced abandonment (P&A) of the discovery well. We look into what this means before taking a look at the regional source rock providing the hydrocarbons which have been found in the recent string of discoveries in the region.

What does it mean when a company announces it is abandoning a well?

Is it a setback?

How much did the Kawa-1 well cost?

Where does the oil in the Kawa accumulation come from?

How mature and extensive is this source rock?

All of the information in this video came from TROVE Latin America North which contains details of all offshore oil and gas fields and discoveries from Trinidad & Tobago, Suriname, Guyana and French Guiana. With information on over 400 assets, this is the most comprehensive technical subsurface database for the region. We have several other TROVE databases ensuring complete offshore coverage of the American continent, along with the conjugate margin (entirety of West Africa).


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