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Finding Petroleum: Eastern Mediterranean

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

1st Subsurface presented an overview of the oil and gas scene in the Eastern Mediterranean at the Finding Petroleum event “Opportunities in the Eastern Mediterranean” in September 2019.

The remaining reserves in the region were reviewed and the opportunity and timing of imminent significant reserves adds were discussed.

A summary of the exploration history of the area was reviewed. ~ From the first gas fields in the Nile delta, (e.g. Abu Qir), through Baltim to Saffron discovered by tracking palaeochannels of the Nile to the carbonate plays of Zhor (ENI 2015) and the large gas discoveries offshore Israel (Leviathan) and Cyprus (Aphrodite / Glaucus).

Finally we reviewed the current escalating tensions caused by Turkey and Cyprus both claiming rights over the same maritime area, in which Turkish drill-ships are currently active (Sep 2019). Watch out for our upcoming YouTube video on this subject!


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