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TROVE Global

The comprehensive database.

Providing global oil & gas data on more than

- 9,500 oil & gas fields 

- 4,600 discoveries 

- 4,000 prospects 

Interactive Charts show subsurface trends at a glance. Filter charts with just a click to hone in on information valuable to your project.

Global Analogue Comparison seamlessly presents selected data alongside all global assets.

Prospect Portfolio Tool enables you to privately compare proprietary data with basin trends and analogous accumulations.

Delivered to your team in Excel format:
simple, fast, powerful.

Delivering reliable data,
unlocking powerful analysis.

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TROVE Global oil and gas locations
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Goal Box

Our goal:

To be the 'go-to' source of subsurface oil and gas data globally by providing reliable, relevant information - saving our clients time and money.

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  • TROVE is the leading source of technical subsurface data for E&P companies.

  • Access information on every field & discovery in a basin.

  • We offer global offshore coverage.

  • Designed for usability and to give users confidence in the credibility of the data.

  • Providing quality data needed to make quality decisions.

  • Save time and money, book a demo today!

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What the team are up to

Read our blog to find out our latest news. We'll also post when we will next be attending conferences where you can visit our stand to get a demo.

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Meet the team

Take a look at one of our recent videos:

We also do renewables!

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- Wind

- Geothermal

- Hydrogen

- Energy Storage

- Wave & Tidal

- Gas Storage

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