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The Past, Present & Future Oil & Gas Fields of the North Sea and Atlantic Margin

In November we presented at AAPG's Let's Connect series. We interrogated our TROVE KnowledgeBases in NW Europe to create a whistle stop tour of over 1,800 fields and discoveries across 6 countries. You can register to watch a recording of this presentation by clicking here.


After many decades of research, 1st Subsurface has compiled a database of over 1,800 fields and discoveries offshore NW Europe. Trends in reservoir age, properties, hydrocarbon fluid properties and up-to-date life of field production histories and remaining reserves show the state of all the assets in all the basins. We will show a series of maps by geologic age for oil and gas discoveries and fields from the UK, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland & Faroe Isles - that is, the entire North Sea and Atlantic Margin. Interesting trends emerge, cross-cutting international boundaries seamlessly.

Many geologists operate within sub-basins or confined by national boundaries. TROVE databases (we call them ‘KnowledgeBases' as they cover so much more than tables of numbers and data!) cover every accumulation in all basins. See where your prospect, discovery or field fits within regional trends. Find analogues for opportunities your company is evaluating - be it an exploration prospect, a proposal for funding or a farmout / IM. Enhance your acquisition or divestment proposal with a hub analysis showing all the tieback/hub potential around any chosen asset in the entire North Sea region.

We then go on to illustrate how future developments in this mature province require collaborative hub developments. We focus on the northern part of UK Quad 30 and use our TROVE Hub Analysis tool to evaluate the prospectivity of the area before suggesting possible development strategies. This part of the presentation was adapted from one given at DEVEX2020 - view that presentation here.


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