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Nova Scotia: The Huge Untested Potential You've Never Heard Of...

In this video we cover the Aspy-D11 well results, significant discoveries, learnings from previous developments and the huge potential of the region. Nova Scotia's NS22-1 call for bids closes in September 2023. There are 8 parcels on offer and huge exploration potential. Searcher Seismic offers a comprehensive seismic database covering much of the area on offer. Searcher's high-quality 3D can image prospective reservoir fairways with AVO anomalies. The 2D seismic has great reprocessing potential to provide better subsurface imaging.

There is huge potential in the region that is largely untested!

For more information about the fantastic opportunities available in offshore Nova Scotia please visit Searcher's Nova Scotia Exploration Guide:

Searcher is a global service, tech and data provider. Searcher designs, manages, and markets multi-client geoscience data to the global energy and resource industries. In addition to extensive global geophysical and geological data libraries that include multi-client 2D and 3D seismic data, magnetics and gravity data, geochemical surveys, digital well databases and prospectivity studies, Searcher also offer advanced technological intelligence products. Searcher’s aim is to provide the necessary data and intelligence for our society’s energy needs.

To find out more about Searcher Seismic, visit:

Also check out Lyme Bay Consulting who performed some of the work on the seismic:

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