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Invictus Energy 2 well drilling campaign - Baobab & Mukuyu

The first well in Invictus Energy's Zimbabwe drilling campaign, Mukuyu-1, is drilling ahead. The second well, testing the basin margin play, is Baobab. Here we give our interpretation of the material Invictus has released on this prospect.

The ERCE CPR on Baobab-1 was released after recording this video - we did not see anything to change our assessment. Our assessment of the prospect differs somewhat to that of the operator.

We wish Invictus every success in their 2-well drilling campaign, however, we believe the headline volumes quoted are over-hyped and offer our evaluation of why our assessment differs from the operator.

This video should not be taken as advise to buy or sell stocks etc. This is a technical assessment and viewers should exercise their own judgement and draw their own conclusions on the technical merits of these prospects.

All the information in this video is taken from our TROVE Southern Africa database. Get in touch today to find out more about our TROVE databases - we'd be happy to arrange a demo:


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