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Africa's next hydrocarbon province? - ENI's Raia-1 Angoche basin well

The Angoche Basin, offshore Mozambique, has never been drilled. This is likely to change in the near future with a total of ELEVEN commitment wells across two licences. The first well likely to be drilled is in the ENI operated block A5-A (partners Sasol, ENH & Qatar Petroleum). The Raia-1 well was initially set to be drilled in 2021 but now looks to spud later this year.

In this video we introduce the basin and detail the different aspects of the petroleum system, highlighting both opportunities and risks in the exciting frontier exploration area.

We take a look at the expected principal reservoirs and comment on the likely reservoir quality. We discuss the risks associated with the suggested trapping mechanisms. In block A5-A it is likely that stratigraphic traps dominate, more distally there may be greater potential for structural traps. We look at source rocks, the likely presence, type and maturity to understand if this is a gas-prone or oil-prone area. The nearby Rovuma Basin and Tande-Pemane are gassy basins, does this mean Angoche can only expect gas? Finally we discuss migration, charge and AVO anomalies.

ENI are also partners in the neighbouring A5-B block, operated by ExxonMobil (partners Rosneft, ENH, Qatar Petroleum).

All of the information in this video can be found in our TROVE databases. These impressive products are a 'must have' for E&P companies working in this region.

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