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TROVE Renewables

The TROVE Renewables database contains data on existing and planned windfarms across the UK, with Ireland, France, The Netherlands and Belgium due to be added in Q1 & Q2 2020. Information contained within this extensive database includes the model of turbine used, operating capacity and much more. Where TROVE Renewables stands apart from other renewable energy databases is the ability to see, at the click of a button, unstructured data, such as maps, turbine diagrams and windfarm layouts.

In addition to data on windfarms, TROVE Renewables holds information on tidal and wave facilities in the UK. Furthermore, all of the data has an audit trail, allowing users to decide for themselves how reliable the information is. Subscribers can also use TROVE’s inbuilt analysis tools to gain a broad overview, or dig into the detail to gain an in depth understanding of the current renewable energy environment.

Throughout 2020 Geothermal and Biomass will also be added to our coverage of renewable energies.

Beatrice Hornsea Project One Hornsea Project Two Hornsea Project Three Hornsea Project Four Westermost Rough Humber Gateway Triton Knoll Race Bank Race Bank Extension Dudgeon Dudgeon Extension Inner Dowsing Lincs Lynn Sheringham Shoal Sheringham Shoal Extension Norfolk Boreas Norfolk Vanguard Scroby Sands East Anglia Three East Anglia One North East Anglia One East Anglia Two Greater Gabbard Greater Gabbard Extension Galloper Galloper Extension Gunfleet Sands London Array Kentish Flats Kentish Flats Extension Thanet Thanet Extension Rampion Rampion Extended Seamade Northwester 2 Nobelwind Belwind Northwind Rentel Thornton Bank Norther Post-2020 Ten noorden van de Waddeneilanden Gemini IJmuiden Ver One IJmuiden Ver Two IJmuiden Ver Three IJmuiden Ver Four Designated Wind Energy Areas Hollandse Kust West Hollandse Kust Noord Holland I and II Egmond aan Zee Prinses Amaliawindpark Hollandse Kust Zuid Holland III and IV One Eneco Luchterduinen Holland Kust Zuid Holland III and IV Two Borssele 3 and 4 - Blauwwind Borssele Site V - Leeghwater - Innovation Plot Borssele 1 and 2 Windpark Fryslân Westermeerwind Irene Vorrink Dounreay TrÌ Moray West Moray East Hywind Scotland Pilot Park Aberdeen (EOWDC) Kincardine Inch Cape Seagreen Phase One - Alpha-Bravo Seagreen Phase Two - Charlie-Delta-Echo Seagreen Phase Three - Foxtrot-Golf Neart na Gaoithe

This map shows all oil & gas fields and discoveries in the UK & Ireland (Blue) alongside both onshore and offshore windfarms (Orange). Since the publication of this map at PROSPEX 2019 we have added oil and gas fields and discoveries across the whole of offshore NW Europe, including Norway, Denmark, Germany & The Netherlands. Additionally, we have added to the Renewables database in the UK and continental Europe.

In Q1 2020 wave and tidal facilities across the UK will also be plotted.

Below is an example of a dashboard for all of the windfarms within TROVE Renewables.

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