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The largest gasfield on the planet - North Field

The largest gasfield on the planet tells the story of the enormous North Field which straddles Qatar and Iran. This story compliments our recent video “Ghawar – the largest oilfield on the planet” which is also available on our YouTube channel.

Shell discovered North Field, but it is now operated by Qatar Petroleum. The Iranian extension of this immense geological structure is called the South Pars gasfield. This Iranian extension qualifies as a super-giant field in it’s own right and is operated by NIOC.

When compared to the other gasfields listed in the top 20 gasfields, North Field is nearly as big as them all combined. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been invested in wells, platforms, pipelines and terminals. Much of the gas is converted to LNG and shipped around the globe. The scale is staggering.

All of the information in this video came from TROVE Middle East which contains details on all oil and gas fields and discoveries in the region. With information on over 700 assets, this is the most comprehensive technical subsurface database for the region. See our coverage map here:


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