Outer Moray Firth

Special Interest Group


1st Subsurface have been retained by a range of licensees to facilitate the OMFSIG - the aim of which is to generate a basin wide Area Plan to identify and explore options and strategies to Maximise Economic Recovery in the Basin.

Unlike most basins worldwide, the Outer Moray Firth Basin has 'reinvented itself'. There are three peaks in the production profile and 1st Subsurface has presented at several conferences why this has happened. In short - new exploration concepts have unlocked new reserves. Follow the link below to visit our sister website explaining more about the industry consortium working to develop new reserves in the Outer Moray Firth.

Phase 1 of the OMFSIG is complete, Phase 2 is now starting - time to join in. If you think you know the OMF - think again. Phase 1 demonstrated that to those who actively work the basin. If you want to gain from what the SIG learnt from Phase 1, then now is your opportunity.






The SIG Members for Phase 1 were:

Repsol Sinopec                     CNOOC                Parkmead Group

Equinor                                  MOL Group                   Spirit Energy

Pharis Energy                        Ping Petroleum       Kimmeridge Energy


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